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Dr. Kashika Jain

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About Dr. Kashika Jain

Dr Kashika Jain is an internationally renowned celebrity Counsellor, Psychologist & Life-Coach .

Dr Kashika Jain provides Psychological treatment without any medication help.According to her philosophy “All psychological problems arise due to change in thought process and we cannot change our thought process with the help of any medicine. Thought process can be changed with the help of Counseling and Therapy only.”

Till now Dr Kashika Jain has transformed over 40,000+ lives from 2010 till date, through her Counseling/Therapy/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Training.

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Counsellor in Meerut

Who is Counsellor ?

Counsellor is a person who basically help individual in their decision making. His/her main function is to give advice.
They get trained to give advice, listens problem, and analyze them on the basis of thoughts.
After observing person clearly, they gives best advice to them whosoever needs it. A counsellor can make the person empowered and stronger than they are ever in their life.


At some point of life people need someone who can guide them in a good way. Who can understand and respect their opinion. So Counsellors fill this empty space very well .They give best advise anybody else ever give. Hence, people in Meerut also need counsellor who can advise them and give proper guidance.

They help people to find out main cause of any problem.
They help in managing life in a best way.
They guide people in dealing issues like anger, anxiety, depression, peer pressure, career problems, unemployment, stress etc.
They make person understand what really matters in life.
They make us learn how to ignore unnecessary thoughts in daily life.

What is Counselling?

It is a process of conversation between Counsellors and Client.It is a space where client share his/her personal or professional life.
Counsellor analyses and find out real cause of problems and then advise them how to handle different situation at different time.
Counselling is quite helpful therapy. It has its own benefits as it help personally and professionally both. It works out in a best way when you fully trust your counsellor and take their advice as success mantra.
Dr Kashika Jain is Counsellor in Meerut.


Counselling are of different kind as follows:

Career Counselling
Relationship Counselling
Parents Counselling
Individual Counselling
Marriage Counselling
Children Counselling
Teen Counselling

Why Choose Dr Kashika Jain as Best Counsellor in Meerut

Choose Dr Kashika Jain a renowned Celebrity Counsellor, Psychologist and motivational speaker.
She is an expert in all types of Counselling and Therapy.
She is Top Psychologist in Meerut.
She deals with the Psychological issues like Anger, Anxiety, Stress ,Bipolar, Ocd, Depression, relationship solution, child counselling, insomnia, mania, husband wife relationship, child bonding, phobia, autism, addiction, stress, attention deficit disorder, carrier counselling, weight loss therapy and other psychological issues.
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